The Toss toys Fun Box

  • €37.00

This is a toy box with seven of our bestselling furry toys!

Please choose between:
‘boy colors’ (green, blue, yellow, brown)
or ‘girl colors’ (red, pink, purple, orange)

This toy box contains:
- a rabbit crown. These are four rabbit fur strands securely attached to a 1m / 39in long steel wire. The handle is acrylic.

- a rabbit danglie. This is a rabbit fur piece enhanced with three colorful feathers, and attached to a leather band and synthetic wand.

- a giga mouse: rabbit fur pieces made into a mouse shaped toss toy. This toy has two loud bells - colors may vary, natural only, non dyed fur pieces are used.

- a fur ball. Colors may vary.

- a fur cork.

- a fur and feathers toss toy: a piece of white rabbit fur with three colorful feathers. Feather color may vary.

- a fox fur mouse with a leather tail.