About us

Crafting quality cat toys, teasers and cat beds since 2007. Durability tested by our japanese bobtail and ragdoll cats.

We show and breed cats for 18+ years. Through the years we started to produce our own cat toys as the ones we bought didn't withstand the rough play of our adult cats and litters of kittens.
We design and craft our products with the best possible materials, keeping in mind the safety, toughness and durability.
All of our toys are handmade by us in our crafting studio in Slovenia and go through extensive safety and sturdiness testing. 


Besides satisfying your cat’s natural instincts, play is very important to helping keep your pet healthy and happy. Play provides major exercise for cats, especially those that live exclusively indoors. Regularly scheduled play can help keep your kitty active and help her maintain a healthy weight. Interactive play between you and your cat can also help prevent some behavior problems that may arise from being bored. Lastly, play is just a great way to bond with your cat.


 Our ragdoll Envy playing with his crochet mouse

Different cats prefer different toys, but the majority of cats love to play with most of our toys and teasers. We use high quality materials – exactly the same toys are used by our cats and kittens and we wouldn’t want to risk anything.

Due to the crafting process and natural materials, each toy and teaser may vary a bit, but we try hard to make them as similar as possible.

For some of our toys we use rabbit fur. These fur pieces are leftovers from the food industry, properly tanned, sanitized and prepared to be used as a cat toy. Cats adore the smell of real fur.


Our crafting studio


Company info:

Catboutique.net, Tomaž Vratar Testen s.p.

Sejmišče 6, SI-2382 Mislinja, Slovenia

+386 (0)41 208 529

VAT ID: SI23307650