The Ultimate Fun box

The Ultimate Fun box

  • €40.00

This is a toy box with seven of our bestseller toys!

Please choose the color you would like to have - check out the example pictures. We can also switch the fur ball for a felt ball ~ please let us know in the comments section if you prefer a felt ball instead of the fur ball.

This toy box contains a feather crown ~ a 1m /39in long wire with a colorful acrylic handle. On the other end is a large combo of long coque and natural hackle feathers. The feathers are first sewn and then glued to ensure maximum durability.

The next teaser is a feather danglie, a fur bunch on the end of a leather band.

The third teaser is a jester hat teaser. It has three mesh tubes with a bell and glitter ball on each.

Then we have 4 toss toys:
- a crochet mouse, made of 100% slovenian sheep wool. Also the filling is slovenian sheep wool felting, enhanced with a substantial amount of homegrown very potent catnip buds.

- a stinky cigar, a pillow with valerian roots.

- a fur ball (we can switch it for a felt ball - please let us know in the comments)

- a rattle ball with feather tail.