Grooming glove

  • €10.00

This grooming glove takes the stress out of grooming your cat or dog by transforming the experience entirely combining grooming and massage in a single glove.

Instead of wielding a comb with steel teeth that might unsettle your cat or dog, try this fantastic glove which comes complete with a silicone surface and 180 rubberized nodules which will effortlessly pick up and hold pet hair.

The five-fingered design allows you to gently pet your cat or dog and reach all those tricky spots where a brush can’t – and without the battle to make them sit still. You can even use this glove to pick pet hair up off of car seats or furniture – simply run your hand along the hair and the silicone surface will pick it up.

A faster way to groom your pet – The silicone surface and rubber nodules will pick up pet hair from almost any surface.

Calming massage effect– Make grooming as simple and pleasant as petting for your furry friend.

Thorough grooming of your pet – Unlike a brush, this gentle glove will allow you to groom all those hard-to-reach spots.


  • Silicone surface
  • 60% silicone / 40% polyester
  • Hand wash only
  • Colour: Blue
  • Right hand
  • Universal size with Velcro adjustable cuff