Original Greyhound Comb

Original Greyhound Comb

  • €17.00

Size: 4.5"/11cm
Comb Type: Medium/Coarse
Pin Length: 29mm


All of our combs are still handmade in the same UK factory. Each comb is lovingly built by the same family of craftsmen as it has always been for the last 94 years to the exact same high standard you have become accustomed to.

The Greyhound Comb is made of top quality products with pins that cannot bend or fall out; a process that has never changed. Each Greyhound Comb is handmade, pin by pin and polished by hand. For the final finish the combs are then nickel plated in Sheffield.

This comb is built to last and we will stand behind every comb that is produced and used under normal grooming conditions.