Choosing the right toys and teasers for your cat(s)

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Don’t ask us for the perfect teaser for your cat. All our teasers and toys are the perfect ones for cats. However each cat has her own taste.

While I know that pretty much all toys will work with open minded kittens and cats, as the time passes most cats develop a preference for one or two, maybe three types. More active cats are easier attracted by any toy. The lazier type of cats will often fall only for one type.

Some cats are the typical ”bird catchers” and will play only with feathers ( feather crown, mega feathers, feather jet, . Then there are others that won't play with the obvious toy, but only with a Fly wand or Pull out fly wand where the bait like pretty flies are on a thin but sturdy nylon coated wire that is hard to see for cats.

Others may choose to be the bling-bling cats, attached by glitter streams or mylar’s that also love a distinguished sound like our NY mylar and wired mylar cat teaser toys. There are cats that won’t ever blink an eye at teasers when bells don’t ring. Most likely it doesn’t matter if there are feathers, fur or other materials on it. Our teasers with bells are perfect for that: take a look in our SHOW TOYS collections and also Jester crown, XL jester, jester hat teaser…

Keep in mind that cat’s are predators, and most teasers are exactly that - teasers. A delicate feather won’t keep up with a wild and rough play style. You will be better off choosing a fur teaser that withstands tearing like XL rabbit teaser, fat rabbit teaser rabbit danglie, fur & feathers teaser, rabbit crown.

 And what kind of toys does your cat like?

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